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From now on you’ll get my #aphorisms from time to time

When I was in secondary school, nobody had the internet or a mobile phone but everybody had a diary to write their homework. the diary was with us everyday and we referred to it after school. But not only this, It was our personal diary also. Where we put photos of our favorite singers, write the lyrics of our favorite songs, put flyers, postcards, anything we collected and that we liked. It was a display of our preferences and most importantly our personality. 

A display, because this diary could be seen by your friends, they could put a reminder of their birthday on the calendar page, and write a message and leave their contact details at the end on the holidays pages. 

That is why I call it the primitive Facebook, because it has the same aim to develop your social life at an age when going out was not common.

It’s a way to share the things that you like and keep the memory of the people around you.

It is also something that you can refer to when you feel lonely, read the nice messages or keeping the collection of photos.

After all, Facebook is just the web version of a 90’s teenager diary.

North of France - Train

You all heard about the end of the world right? Well, we can notice than nothing happened. Your boring death to christmas family dinner will happened and you will wake up with the worst hangover you’ve never had on the first of january.

Youhou we are still alive!!!!

But I’m bitterly disappointed, because if it was the REAL apocalypse, every humans in this world will be equal. Rich, poor, powerful, black, white, young, old, everybody will be the same insignificant creature.

And you could realize that the marketing campaign you’ve been working on this last month is vain, the shoes you’ve bought yesterday are completely useless. Yeah will not dress up for Doomsday, we’re supposed to be completely naked (equal) for the last judgement. So NO stilettos babe.

There is something else about this apocalypse thing. It’s to reconsider your life. Did the people you love knows that you love them? Are you in peace with yourself? Are you proud of what you do? Yeah this kind of existential bullshit. But still important if you wanna know who you are and where you’re going.

Just think about the vanity of this world.

To illustrate this article, some chef d’oeuvre of one of my favorite painter Hieronymus BoschLast Judgment (fragment of Hell)